Care Packages and Mail

Here is my address: Since there is no post office in my village, I have my mail delivered to my friend Alyzabeth in a neighboring village. Please address packages and letters to her:


Alyzabeth Hicks

Street 12, Lane 1, House 2

0922 Getashen, Armavir Marz, Armenia



Also here is my wish list for care packages:



Oregon Chai Tea

Cinnamon Icebreakers

Swedish Fish

Yogi Tea

Hot chocolate mix (any flavor)

Peanut Butter

Mac & Cheese powder

Brown sugar

Chili seasoning

Trail mix



Non- food: 

Unscented Lubriderm lotion

Coconut body spray

Lush solid shampoo bars

Blank notecards

Chunky yarn

Bamboo knitting needles

Essential oils

Bath & Body Works Hand sanitizers

Unscented laundry detergent

Travel sized toothpaste

Clorox wipes