About Armenia

Armenian Flag

Armenian Flag

Armenia is a country located in Eastern Europe and was once part of the Soviet Union. Armenia boarders Georgia to its north, Turkey to the west, Azerbaijan to the east and Iran to the south.

Armenia was the first nation to  adopt Christianity as its official religion. This is a great source of pride for Armenia. Many of their national symbols are ancient churches that contain much of the country’s rich history.

The official language of the country is Eastern Armenian and some people speak Russian. Armenia has a large diaspora population that lives in places such as Russia and California.

Culturally, Armenia is more European than Middle Eastern (I get asked this a lot). Summers warm – hot in some places and winters are very cold.

Armenia is divided into regions called Marzs. I live in the smallest (and hottest) Marz, called Armavir.



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I live in a small village in Armavir Marz, about 5k from the Turkish Boarder. I can see Mt. Ararat from my village, which is most beautiful in the spring. My village has a population of around 900 people (give or take, since many go back and forth between Armenia and Russia). My school has approximately 180 students, of which I teach about 110. There isn’t much in my village beside the school and the mayors office. However, I do live on the highway close to a huge juice factory.