Living the Legacy

Now its official:

On June 2nd, I swore in as  a Peace Corps volunteer. Swearing in is an important day for Peace Corps because it is that day that trainees become official volunteers and then move to their permanent locations for the next two years.

This swearing in was a special day for Peace Corps Armenia because my group was the 25th cohort to swear in and serve in Armenia. Among our group was also the 1000th volunteer to serve in Armenia.

To mark this occasion, Peace Corps invited some important people to the ceremony, including to U.S Ambassador to Armenia and the acting director of Peace Corps. The ceremony went off perfectly and it was a very touching day to spend with my fellow volunteers and my host sister who also attended the ceremony.

My favorite part about the ceremony was the two videos Peace Corps Armenia released for the occasion. First was the 25 Year Legacy video which you can watch here (I may make an appearance).

This video was very close to our hearts here in Armenia. It was wonderful to see the importance of the work that we will be doing here and touching to feel that we will be living and working within the legacy of Peace Corps Armenia during our service.

The second was a music video for a song called “One World”. Peace Corps Armenia hosted a contest for Armenian artists to write a song that would capture the 25 years of friendship and cooperation between Armenia and the Peace Corps. This was the song that won and you can watch it here.

Overall, Swearing In showed me the beauty of Americans and Armenians working closely together for 25 years. I hope to think that I will have contributed to this legacy by the time I complete my Peace Corps service in Armenia.

Since I swore in as a volunteer, I have moved to Armavir Marz, where my permanent village is located. Not much is happening right now as I am still settling in to my new environment. This summer I hope to get to know my community and my students as well as host a few clubs for my students. I am also looking for a language tutor and prepping lessons for class in the fall.



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