Supporting My Service

So many of you have congratulated me, given me well wishes etc. on my upcoming Peace Corps Service.

That being said, many of you have also asked what you can do to help me or if I need anything. Well I have not yet arrived in Armenia, I do have a few requests of my family and friends at home:

  1. Please read my blog. I can’t promise that it will be very interesting but I will try to entertain you all. I enjoy actually having an audience and it gives me a reason to blog more.
  2. Please read about / learn about Armenia (or more about the world in general).
  3. If you are really feeling generous you can send me mail. I just posted my mailing address for my pre-service training today in the Peace Corps tab of my blog. I will appreciate letters and packages.
  4. Please pray for me / send me good thoughts.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me on this journey!