Pre-Departure Jitters

As of today, I am 22 days away from departure for Peace Corps.

There are a few big things that have happened recently that make my service seem closer than ever.

First, I recently received my flight information for our flight from Washington D.C. to Armenia. I also made my personal travel plans for getting to D.C.

And of course, I am over halfway through my Armenia alphabet and basic language lessons which have been taking place over Skype.

Overall, I am starting to feel a lot more confident of my ability to actually read Armenia. Increasing my vocabulary and improving making sentences are my next goal. (Maybe some day I’ll be able to write an entire blog post in Armenian..)

I am still stressing about packing and have a lot of little things left to do before I go, however it is really all starting to come together and I am eager to begin my Peace Corps journey.